At the end of February a very public spat erupted over freelance rates of pay between the editor of The Monthly, John van Tiggelen and his predecessor, Ben Naparstek, now at Fairfax Media's Good Weekend.

That outburst shone a light into the murky world of freelance rates. It exposed that there is no transparency, accountability or equity in how freelance journalists are paid. Further, it raised the suggestion that there was gender discrimination in how rates are struck.

Your union, the Media Alliance, has written to newspaper, magazine and digital publishers asking them to come clean on freelance rates. While the ACCC has ruled that the Alliance can collectively bargain for freelance rates, none of the big publishers have come to the table. It's high time they did.

But they won't without a fight. In order to push for transparency and equity in freelance rates, we are asking you to fill out this short survey letting us know what you earn from different publishers.

The results will be consolidated and no individual information published. We have asked you to include your name for our organising purposes, but this is optional.

The survey will give all of us a better idea of what publishers pay and be a useful guide for freelancers seeking work. Through transparency of the rates that publishers pay - and the campaigning of Media Alliance members like you - over time this can only help drive freelance pay rates higher and ensure there is greater equity in how journalists are paid.

Freelance rates survey, March 2013

A Media Alliance survey of members and non-members on freelance rates of pay for journalism.

The information collected in this survey is confidential. No information relating to you will be published in any form. All results will be collated and individual information separated. Any questions relating to your identiy are optional and will only be kept by the Alliance for the purposes of better communication.