Get Real on Rates Reality Check 2019

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What rates have you been getting paid in the last couple of years?

We want to show what producers have really been paying. To find out why go to

Add rates from the jobs you’ve worked below – the more you can add, the better. We need rates from local TV comedy and drama, local film, and offshore TV drama made in Australia.

This information will be kept confidentially. Information about rates paid on individual productions will not be released publicly.

MEAA values your privacy (read our privacy policy here). This information will only be used internally by the union to identify key goals and objectives for our industry. By providing personal details MEAA may contact you directly to request further or more detailed feedback. Authorised by Erin Madeley, Director, MEAA Entertainment, Crew & Sport

Complete the survey below, or simply email information about rates directly to Kelly Wood.
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